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C N Krishnan

I have a B.Sc. Degree from  Kerala University, B.Tech. Degree from IIT Madras, and M.Tech. and Ph. D. Degrees from IIT Kanpur – all specialising in Electrical Sciences. Joined the  Madras Institute of Technology Campus of Anna University Chennai in 1977 where I presently have the position of a Professor of Eminence (Honorary).

In my efforts to pursue a serious R&D career in Anna University, I  quickly realised the rigid institutional hierarchy of our S&T enterprise of our country. The lions share of the resources and patronage of the nation goes into a few institutions being controlled by the Central Government, and the State University system producing more than 95% of the nation's graduates has been left to rot. With such a narrow base and rigid hierarchical structure, I believe there is no way Modern S&T can effectively serve our nation and our people, and a part of my efforts has been to see how this can be changed.

I was one of the 6-7 persons who came together in Chennai in the late seventies of the last century which eventually led to the formation of the PPST Group, and later the PPST Foundation.I share the sense of pride with my friends in having realised then itself that we need both the P s , Patriotism and People-orientedness, in every field for the progress of our nation and our people, seeing them now in my own way as connecting with  the ideas of Swadesi and Swaraj of Mahatma Gandhi.

Like many of my other friends from PPST, meeting and getting to know Dharampalji from 1982 onwards has been a life-changing experience for me and a great debt is owed to him.

Married my friend (late) Prof. Rajalakshi Srinivasan, and our daughter Aarya and her husband Aditya are psychiatrists presently with the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

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